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Why Buy CADRs?

The world needs climate action at scale, now.

Climate Action Digital Receipts (CADRs) are a new, evidence-based, climate action receipt developed by CarbonPump.

Trust in the integrity of many of the current carbon trading schemes is under fire, and for good reason. Many current carbon trading schemes create substantial reputational and financial risk for both buyer and seller and are based on assumptions and forecasts for the future. The link between investment and action is tenuous.

When you purchase a CADR you get a Digital Receipt for verified and completed climate action. There is no risk to the buyer or seller and you can be confident that your investment funded real climate action.

Open an account on the CADR Registry today at

What is Climate Action?

Removing carbon from the atmosphere.

Preserving carbon in soil and vegetation.

Building resiliance.

Adapting to climate change.

Enhancing biodiversity.

Supporting communities and delivering on sustainability development goals.

Launching new technologies that support climate action.

Image by elizabeth lies
Image by Illiya Vjestica

Why a Digital Receipt?

CADRs are a receipt for verified and completed climate action expressed as an immutable unique digital token that can be stored in international registries and traded on exchanges.

Current Carbon Credits are like an invoice with a promise and hope for future action that also comes with risk and a use-by date. Unlike other carbon credits, CADRs have no use-by date and carry no risk that the climate action has been completed or not.

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Can I use CADRs to offset emissions?

CADRs are like any other carbon or sustainability unit and can be used by the buyer to substantiate stated climate pledges or sustainability objectives.

CADRs have substance advantages:

No shelf life. CADRs are immutable in perpetuity.

No risk to the buyer – A CADR is a receipt for verified completed climate action.

Making a carbon neutral or net zero pledge is a substantial commitment. Organisations have a choice to make pledges that are compensational (Eg. ‘net zero’, ’climate neutral’) or contributional (‘beyond net zero’). Increasingly many ‘net zero’ pledges are seen as greenwashing and an excuse
to do nothing. We encourage all organisations and individuals to go beyond ‘net zero’ and contribute to the global reduction of CO

Benefits of CADRs

True tonne/year units (1tyCO₂ₑ)

CADRs are a receipt for verified and completed climate action and represent one tonne of CO₂ₑ preserved or removed for one year.

Verified, independently audited, standard aligned

CPCF projects are independently audited to ISO 14065. The CP Framework is continuously updated to align with the latest international standards including voluntary market quality standards (ICVCM) and international financial disclosure standards (IFRS).

No double count, no overlap, unique, immutabe, efficient

CADRs are minted into trusted registries and can be traded on world-leading exchanges.

No risk

CADRs are a receipt for verified and completed climate action. CADRs are immutable and can be used to support compensational and contributory climate pledges.

Climate action at scale, now

CADRs concentrate climate investment on real climate action at scale, now.


CarbonPump is in a hurry. The world needs climate action at scale, now. CarbonPump is rapidly developing new CADR methodologies and will continuously improve and expand existing methodologies to scale climate action to billions of tonnes per year.

Farmer-friendly, corporate-ready.

CPCF is bookended by two principles. If it doesn’t work for farmers it will never scale. Farmers need to be paid to remove and preserve carbon. Corporations, individuals and governments want to take climate action but what to ensure that their funding is supporting verified climate action.

Verify a pledge

CADR Lookup

CADR Registry account holders agree under terms & conditions of use of the CADR Registry, that CADRs deposited in CADR Legacy accounts are publicly discoverable for the purposes of enabling public scrutiny  and proof of substantiation of CADR Pledges. For this reason if the CADR searched here is in a CADR Legacy account, it will be shown as Valid, and display the current owner of the CADR.
If the CADR is not in a Legacy account, we can only show that the CADR is valid and not disclose the current owner.
This enables public scrutiny of any fraudulant sustainability claims.

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CADRs vs Carbon Credits

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