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Image by Benjamin Davies


CarbonPump Methodologies are built on the CarbonPump Framework. This framework and the related methodologies define how Climate Action Digital Receipts (CADRs) are minted. Each CADR represents one year of completed climate action measured in tonnes of CO₂ₑ removed or preserved.

Image by Vlad Hilitanu
Image by Dylan de Jonge


CarbonPump Carbon Farming (CPCF)

CPCF is a hybrid atmospheric
CO₂ reduction and soil carbon
preservation methodology
that enables agriculture to
engage in climate action.

CPCF makes Agriculture part of the climate solution.



CarbonPump Accelerated Weathering (CPAW)

CPAW is a mineral absorption
of CO₂ methodology that
enables actionable large scale
atmospheric CO₂ reduction.

CPAW Makes Minerals part of the climate solution.

Image by Zoe Schaeffer


CarbonPump Elemental Deconstruction (CPED)

Safely reduces composites to
elemental components adding
sustainable value to power,
waste, water and fuels.

CPED makes Energy part of the
climate solution.

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